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All of the Dating Advice I Have


1. Don’t let anybody call you irrational or tell you that you’re overreacting. You are not irrational. You are merely reacting to the things that are happening to you. Calling somebody irrational is a ploy to get away with shit by invalidating your emotions. It’s a dick move.

2. You can’t change other people’s behaviors, you can only break your own habits. If you think you date a lot of jerks, look for different people. Also: the best way to break your habits is to stop taking shit.

3. Date outside your box. Oftentimes we get caught up in minute details about people that turn us off to them: hand size, music taste, shape of head. Relax a bit on the high expectations, because they usually restrict you to dating all the same kinds of assholes. A date is not a contract. Enjoy the ridiculous ride and meet a whole bunch of new people.

4. Stop talking about your dating life in hyperbole. You’re not always getting dumped, every guy you’ve ever met isn’t a jerk, and you’re not alone forever. You are using a streak of completely normal failures, which happen to everybody in the fucked-up pool that is the dating world, to throw yourself a pity party. This kind of attitude isn’t helping you meet anybody. Chin up and realize your hardships are normal and expected and be a little more optimistic.

5. If you can’t confidently say you like yourself, put a fucking halt on your dating life and work really hard to start.

6. Fall madly in love, but don’t ever forget that you are an independent person capable of being single and happy. Things change, and the only thing you really have control of is how much stock you put into your self-worth.

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How To Be The Boss Of Your Own Life


Be decisive about the movie you want to see. Order the first thing on the menu that appeals to you. Wear underwear that makes you feel beautiful and good. Organize your room. Spend a night in on a weekend, doing decadent spa things. Buy a plant and take care of it. Tell somebody no. Respond to…

This. 2014.